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Fri Jun 24 16:08:52 CEST 2011

The following commit has been merged in the master branch:
commit 5c77d8bb8aeb4ec6804b6c32061109ba2ea6988d
Author: Sven Eckelmann <sven at narfation.org>
Date:   Tue Jan 25 21:59:26 2011 +0000

    batman-adv: Create roughly equal sized fragments
    The routing algorithm must know how large two fragments are to be able to
    decide that it is safe to merge them or if it should resubmit without waiting
    for the second part. When these two fragments have a too different size, it is
    not possible to guess right in every situation.
    The user could easily configure the MTU of the attached cards so that one
    fragment is forwarded and the other one is added to the fragments table to wait
    for the missing part.
    For even sized packets, it is possible to split it so that the resulting
    packages are equal sized by ignoring the old non-fragment header at the
    beginning of the original packet.
    This still creates different sized fragments for uneven sized packets.
    Reported-by: Russell Senior <russell at personaltelco.net>
    Reported-by: Marek Lindner <lindner_marek at yahoo.de>
    Signed-off-by: Sven Eckelmann <sven at narfation.org>

diff --git a/net/batman-adv/unicast.c b/net/batman-adv/unicast.c
index ee41fef..811f7fc 100644
--- a/net/batman-adv/unicast.c
+++ b/net/batman-adv/unicast.c
@@ -224,7 +224,7 @@ int frag_send_skb(struct sk_buff *skb, struct bat_priv *bat_priv,
 	struct unicast_frag_packet *frag1, *frag2;
 	int uc_hdr_len = sizeof(struct unicast_packet);
 	int ucf_hdr_len = sizeof(struct unicast_frag_packet);
-	int data_len = skb->len;
+	int data_len = skb->len - uc_hdr_len;
 	if (!bat_priv->primary_if)
 		goto dropped;
@@ -232,10 +232,11 @@ int frag_send_skb(struct sk_buff *skb, struct bat_priv *bat_priv,
 	frag_skb = dev_alloc_skb(data_len - (data_len / 2) + ucf_hdr_len);
 	if (!frag_skb)
 		goto dropped;
+	skb_reserve(frag_skb, ucf_hdr_len);
 	unicast_packet = (struct unicast_packet *) skb->data;
 	memcpy(&tmp_uc, unicast_packet, uc_hdr_len);
-	skb_split(skb, frag_skb, data_len / 2);
+	skb_split(skb, frag_skb, data_len / 2 + uc_hdr_len);
 	if (my_skb_head_push(skb, ucf_hdr_len - uc_hdr_len) < 0 ||
 	    my_skb_head_push(frag_skb, ucf_hdr_len) < 0)


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