[commits] [batctl] maint's head updated: batctl: Update CHANGELOG for upcoming release (b7cf5dc)

postmaster at open-mesh.org postmaster at open-mesh.org
Thu May 23 13:57:53 CEST 2019

Repository : ssh://git@open-mesh.org/batctl

Branch 'maint' now includes:

     800c313 batctl: Start new development cycle
     1c672a6 batctl: Drop license boilerplate
     1ca604d batctl: add switch for setting multicast_fanout
     07967cd batctl: Support checking of meshif without sysfs
     dd43728 batctl: Reimplement VLAN translation using helper
     ef66312 batctl: Add netlink fallback for sysfs' iface_status
     36c45e0 batctl: Fix check for batadv genl name resolve
     ca6f213 batctl: Drop log subcommand
     68d5ace batctl: Drop support for translating destinations via debugfs
     b7cf5dc batctl: Update CHANGELOG for upcoming release

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