[commits] [batman-adv] maint's head updated: batman-adv: Update compatible kernel version number (b6ff92a)

postmaster at open-mesh.org postmaster at open-mesh.org
Tue Apr 28 20:51:08 CEST 2015

Repository : ssh://git@open-mesh.org/batman-adv

Branch 'maint' now includes:

     365deac batman-adv: avoid useless return in void functions
     be0f6de batman-adv: remove obsolete variable primary_iface from orig_node
     21b6fec batman-adv: kernel doc fixes for bat_iv_ogm.c
     69f6547 batman-adv: kernel doc fixes for bridge_loop_avoidance.c
     6369d95 batman-adv: kernel doc fix for distributed-arp-table.h
     84f23ea batman-adv: kernel doc fixes for main.{c, h}
     6948dac batman-adv: checkpatch - else is not generally useful after a break or return
     b32044a batman-adv: checkpatch - No space is necessary after a cast
     55c2fe7 batman-adv: checkpatch - Please use a blank line after declarations
     873d798 batman-adv: checkpatch - Please don't use multiple blank lines
     dac27f8 batman-adv: checkpatch - remove unnecessary parentheses
     47dc789 batman-adv: fix and simplify condition when bonding should be used
     99aed11 Merge branch 'next'
     318b5ee Merge branch 'next'
     882d728 Merge branch 'next'
     428493b Merge branch 'next'
     e7ba36c batman-adv: fix lock class for decoding hash in network-coding.c
     8dfbd63 Merge branch 'next'
     c1fa40d Merge branch 'next'
     650251a Merge branch 'next'
     21f67df Merge branch 'next'
     b609f26 batman-adv: move misplaced compat code
     ecf7f49 batman-adv: fix misspelled words
     d1e5e23 batman-adv: remove useless return at the of a void function
     f68b3cb Merge branch 'next'
     9c30c3d batman-adv: Start new development cycle
     941eac7 Merge branch 'next'
     c7203da batman-adv: Remove uses of return value of seq_printf
     e36785e batman-adv: Fix use of seq_has_overflowed()
     ab1e599 Merge branch 'maint' into next
     5ba0a63 batman-adv: replace strnicmp with strncasecmp
     aeb0f1d batman-adv: Use kasprintf
     f8a8f60 batman-adv: introduce dev_get_iflink()
     e78c16c batman-adv: Revert "fix var name to keep compatibility with old kernels"
     b492832 batman-adv: Document multicast compile time option
     3351c8c batman-adv: update copyright years for 2015
     97974d7 batman-adv: Update CHANGELOG for upcoming release
     b6ff92a batman-adv: Update compatible kernel version number

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