[commits] [batman-adv] next's head updated: Merge branch 'next' (c72c278)

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Wed Sep 18 12:05:40 CEST 2013

Repository : ssh://git@open-mesh.org/batman-adv

Branch 'next' now includes:

     8a0b4eb batman-adv: switch to a new packet compatibility version
     0b6aa0d batman-adv: tvlv - basic infrastructure
     0853ec7 batman-adv: tvlv - gateway download/upload bandwidth container
     2b1c07b batman-adv: tvlv - add distributed arp table container
     7dd9d89 batman-adv: tvlv - add network coding container
     8405301 batman-adv: tvlv - convert tt data sent within OGMs
     6228419 batman-adv: tvlv - convert tt query packet to use tvlv unicast packets
     3de4e64 batman-adv: tvlv - convert roaming adv packet to use tvlv unicast packets
     987dc83 Merge branch 'next'
     c5e7a06 batman-adv: use CRC32C instead of CRC16 in TT code
     bbc2d6d batman-adv: move BATADV_TT_CLIENT_TEMP to higher bit
     ccdf02f batman-adv: remove vis functionality
     a36f66e batman-adv: add build check macros for packet member offset
     3bcf1e1 batman-adv: reorder packet types
     85cc6b9 batman-adv: remove packed from batadv_ogm_packet
     11bf500 batman-adv: reorder batadv_iv_flags
     208b49c batman-adv: only add recordroute information to icmp request/reply
     957f647 Merge branch 'next'
     b6acece batman-adv: use the BigEndian notation for variables sent over the wire
     c1d1c63 Merge branch 'next'
     494fa44 batman-adv: remove white spaces at the beginning of the lines
     be7e115 batman-adv: make tt_global_add static and return bool
     469d4b4 batman-adv: remove batadv_tt_global_add_orig declaration
     bf140c3 Merge branch 'next'
     4b1dc4a Merge branch 'next'
     8c77610 Merge branch 'next'
     1bd8161 batman-adv: don't use call_rcu if not needed
     e142720 batman-adv: add declaration in compat code
     9eff62f batman-adv: h_vlan_encapsulated_proto access refactoring
     925be3e batman-adv: use VLAN_ETH_HLEN instead of sizeof(struct vlan_eth_hdr)
     8980aad batman-adv: Remove old fragmentation code
     9b3eab6 batman-adv: Receive fragmented packets and merge
     db56e4e batman-adv: Fragment and send skbs larger than mtu
     4a4f6b9 batman-adv: use htons when possible
     1897ab7 batman-adv: create common header for ICMP packets
     eddf586 batman-adv: fix typo in kernel doc
     2fb072a batman-adv: correctly align the tt_tvlv_data struct
     1ab746a batman-adv: properly align tvlv infrastructure
     05a7111 batman-adv: properly align roaming tvlv container
     49d9c47 batman-adv: fix num_changes type to uint16_t
     3b0654e batman-adv: fix typo in kernel doc
     f1f310d batman-adv: consider network coding overhead when calculating required mtu
     422ec22 batman-adv: fix network order complaints in the TVLV code
     617980a Merge branch 'next'
     288a0ef batman-adv: remove obsolete variable
     0b0ef5b Merge branch 'next'
     87d4a28 batman-adv: remove useless find_router look up
     0b415bb batman-adv: fix possible memleak in fragmentation
     f3ec6b3 batman-adv: implement batadv_tt_entries
     9b5fcdc batman-adv: make batadv_tt_save_orig_buffer() generic
     2ff633f Merge branch 'next'
     1cfaca7 batman-adv: Add dummy soft-interface rx mode handler
     3b38a80 Merge branch 'next'
     580d791 batman-adv: add the VLAN ID attribute to the TT entry
     4af2a1b batman-adv: use vid when computing local and global TT CRC
     8fc2466 batman-adv: print the VID together with the TT entries
     9a40777 batman-adv: make the GW module correctly talk to the new VLAN-TT
     3e26722 batman-adv: make the Distributed ARP Table vlan aware
     cc14598 batman-adv: (style) fix for switched vid-ifiindex parameter order
     952cebb batman-adv: add per VLAN interface attribute framework
     e4ff5c1 batman-adv: add sysfs framework for VLAN
     b8160b9 batman-adv: make the AP isolation attribute VLAN specific
     ab91f68 batman-adv: refine API calls for unicast transmissions of SKBs
     6f27447 batman-adv: fix vlan compat code
     bdc6c08 batman-adv: properly start kernel doc
     41b728c batman-adv: fix argument alignment
     31b3725 batman-adv: remove bogus comment
     2bde624 batman-adv: send GW_DEL event when the gw client mode is deselected
     24a3b14 Merge branch 'next'
     a90037d Merge branch 'next'
     d2995e9 Merge branch 'next'
     1583626 batman-adv: lock around TT operations to avoid sending inconsistent data
     21a57f6 batman-adv: make the TT CRC logic VLAN specific
     441896e Merge branch 'next'
     732d7c1 batman-adv: fix memory leak in batadv_softif_create_vlan()
     6190d33 batman-adv: fix compat compile error
     9aa63fb Merge branch 'next'
     8944ede batman-adv: make the TT global purge routine VLAN specific
     5af869e batman-adv: make the backbone gw check VLAN specific
     2cc9694 batman-adv: properly print the VID in DAT
     e854b27 Merge branch 'next'
     429b406 Merge branch 'next'
     00f2151 batman-adv: check if a softif_vlan already exists
     19c31e8 batman-adv: print the VID in the dat_cache output
     ae6b6b3 batman-adv: fix ARP header parsing in DAT
     53c6c26 batman-adv: tag locally generated ARP reply if needed
     7c2dbb8 Merge branch 'next'
     c82dc0d batman-adv: make struct batadv_neigh_node algorithm agnostic
     9e696f7 batman-adv: make struct batadv_orig_node algorithm agnostic
     e675e2e batman-adv: add bat_orig_print API function
     819b6c1 batman-adv: add bat_neigh_cmp API function
     51e42c8 batman-adv: add bat_neigh_is_equiv_or_better API function
     a641082 batman-adv: adapt bonding to use the new API functions
     1c605f0 batman-adv: adapt the neighbor purging routine to use the new API functions
     f7f2fe4 batman-adv: limit local translation table max size
     fdafa7d batman-adv: provide orig_node routing API
     a468009 batman-adv: adapt the TT component to use the new API functions
     c72c278 Merge branch 'next'

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