[B.A.T.M.A.N.] About making batman-adv mesh network invisible (by encrypting Beacon frame)

Xuebing Wang xbing6 at gmail.com
Sat Mar 30 04:50:27 CET 2019

Hi community,

We have batman-adv + OpenWRT + ath9k chip + ath9k driver reliably 
running for about 2 years. The biggest batman-adv mesh network is with 
100+ nodes.

As this is a closed network, we have a new requirement which is to make 
our batman-adv mesh network invisible, although the current SSID is just 
some meaningless characters.

One thought is hidden_ssid. But, it seems hidden_ssid is only supported 
for AP mode (not IBSS mode).

802.11w does not protect Beacon frame (because it is before four-ways 

As this is a closed network, what about encrypting Beacon (maybe all 
management frames later) using a hard-coded key in wpa_supplicant?

Thanks for your help.

Xuebing Wang

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