[B.A.T.M.A.N.] encapsulated ethernet frame format

Berat berat at autistici.org
Thu Jul 23 17:47:23 CEST 2015

Thanks a lot for the answer. (Sorry, i didn't realized that i was
replying to you instead of mailing list.) There is an ultimate point
that i would like to understand. If you can help me it would be great.

So, to see if i've got it right, i made this little simulation of the

C1 	    C3	 	 C4
 \ 	     |		/
  N1 - N2 - N3 - N4 - N5
 / 			\
C2 			C5

Client C1 communicates with client C5, and i'm intercepting packets that
are passing through node N3 and i see a unicast packet at the moment;

the first ethernet II section has:
source mac -> mac of N2
dest. mac -> mac of N3
batman section has:
dest. mac -> mac of N5
//here i see source mac only for batadv_unicast_4addr packets,
//which are ARP requests. for all other packet types, including
//dns request which is a unicast packet, there is only destination
//(or originator if a broadcast packet)
the second ethernet II section has:
source mac -> mac of C1
dest. mac -> mac of C5

So if i got it right, i would like to deduce, if a computer that i see
by the packet that i intercept is local(connected to the antenna that
i'm intercepting) or packet is just switched/forwarded by this antenna.
But without that source mac information in batman section, it doesn't
seem possible to me. Can i deduce it without that information?

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