[B.A.T.M.A.N.] [PATCHv5 maint] batman-adv: fix TT VLAN inconsistency on VLAN re-add

Marek Lindner mareklindner at neomailbox.ch
Wed May 14 14:27:09 CEST 2014

On Thursday 08 May 2014 17:13:15 Antonio Quartulli wrote:
> From: Antonio Quartulli <antonio at open-mesh.com>
> When a VLAN interface (on top of batX) is removed and
> re-added within a short timeframe TT does not have enough
> time to properly cleanup. This creates an internal TT state
> mismatch as the newly created softif_vlan will be
> initialized from scratch with a TT client count of zero
> (even if TT entries for this VLAN still exist). The
> resulting TT messages are bogus due to the counter / tt
> client listing mismatch, thus creating inconsistencies on
> every node in the network
> To fix this issue destroy_vlan() has to not free the VLAN
> object immediately but it has to be kept alive until all the
> TT entries for this VLAN have been removed. destroy_vlan()
> still removes the sysfs folder so that the user has the
> feeling that everything went fine.
> If the same VLAN is re-added before the old object is free'd,
> then the latter is resurrected and re-used.
> Implement such behaviour by increasing the reference counter
> of a softif_vlan object every time a new local TT entry for
> such VLAN is created and remove the object from the list
> only when all the TT entries have been destroyed.
> Signed-off-by: Antonio Quartulli <antonio at open-mesh.com>
> ---
> Changes since v4:
> - improved code in add_vid()
> - don't leak TT entries in case of vlan re-add failure
> Changes since v3:
> - always re-add NO_PURGE local entry on add_vid()
> Changes since v2:
> - remove cleanup_work member that is not needed anymore in this approach
> - reword commit subject
> - reword commit message (Thanks Marek!)
> Changes since v1:
> - destroy and create vlan sysfs folder within softif_vlan_destroy/create()
> to avoid lock troubles with soft-interface destruction and delayed jobs.
>  soft-interface.c    | 60
> ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++------------- translation-table.c |
> 26 +++++++++++++++++++++++
>  types.h             |  2 ++
>  3 files changed, 74 insertions(+), 14 deletions(-)

Applied in revision 9729d20.

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