[B.A.T.M.A.N.] New batman-advanced logo

fboehm fboehm at aon.at
Wed Sep 28 12:00:45 CEST 2011


a good print service should be happy with PDF, EPS, PS and of course 
professional file formats like Adobe Illustrator. Fortunately a black 
and white doesn't need any color calibration :-)
I would go with PDF because this way it's most easy and failsafe for 
everyone to preview the file.

By the way. If you think about stickers, foil-cuttings or stencils for 
airbrush, it would be better to not have the Bats head separated from 
the body.


Am 2011-09-28 11:42, schrieb Simon Wunderlich:
> Hello Sven, Franz,
> wow, so many people volunteering! Sven, thank you for your work!
> We will need something to give to the print services for the merchandise,
> but I have no experience which format they will expect.
> However, I'd suggest to wait with the conversion until we have
> decided on the final logo. Otherwise we will have to convert
> again and again ...
> Thanks!
> 	Simon
> On Wed, Sep 28, 2011 at 10:49:51AM +0200, fboehm wrote:
>> Hi guys,
>> I would be happy to make you a clean vector version!
>> Suddenly this is perhaps my only contribution to batman-adv at the
>> moment :-)
>> Regards,
>> Franz
>> Am 2011-09-28 10:36, schrieb Sven Eckelmann:
>>> On Wednesday 28 September 2011 10:21:57 Simon Wunderlich wrote:
>>>> BTW, we will also need a vector version from the final logo, anyone
>>>> volunteering? :)
>>> A vector version is not really a problem... a clean vector version would be
>>> more work ;)
>>> Kind regards,
>>> 	Sven

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