[B.A.T.M.A.N.] sysfs abi documentation

Sven Eckelmann sven.eckelmann at gmx.de
Sun May 9 16:58:39 CEST 2010

Marek Lindner wrote:
> Hi,
> Greg asked us to provide an ABI documentation for the files creates in the
> sysfs tree. Since I am respsonsible for the sysfs stuff, I felt it was my
> turn to draft something. Please check the attachments and let me know
> whether you think we can send it or not.

I've read a little bit through the different descriptions and it sound good... 
for the reading situation. The problem is that it is nearly never clear that 
you control the behavior of batman-adv through that specific file. For example 
/sys/class/net/<iface>/batman-adv/mesh_iface - I think it is especially 
important for GregKH to see that it needed is now associated to the iface and 
we attach it to the mesh_iface through that file when he should give us some 
advice what virtual fs should be used for what kind of information.

Best regards,
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