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Tobias Gieseke gieseke at irt.de
Mon Feb 16 08:48:47 UTC 2009

Tobias Gieseke:
> Hi,
> we have some WiMax Cards but they are all PCMCIA. I may test them with 
> Batman but I guess there will be serious driver problems in Linux. The 
> cards where shipped with Windows drivers only and even those got some 
> problems in the end. I agree with the others, that mesh in an WiMax 
> system does not make sense (yet). WiMax is build for "infrastucture 
> mode" the base station has the mayor task and is able to controll the 
> clients in transmitting power, modulation etc. espacially in mobile 
> Wimax (802.16e). The only case where mesh could come in is the 
> communication between the Base stations, but that would be discrete 
> links, so you don't really need a mesh. But I think you considerd this 
> and you have an own concept for mesh in WiMax. Perhpas you could 
> explain that to me (and the others)?
> I don't know anything about an adhoc mode for WiMax either.
> Kind regards,
> Tobi
Dang! Sorry Tim, I should have read your post "B.A.T.M.A.N Digest, 
Vol26, Issue 7" before answering. Thanks for the detailed information 
about your project. sounds interessting. Keep working on it ;-)



> Tim LePes:
>> Has anyone been playing with BATMAN on WiMAX hardware?  I have a project
>> that I had to back burner for a while and I am getting ready to start
>> active work again.  I am looking to see if I can find a mini PCI WiMAX
>> card that I can use in a Mesh AP, where WiMAX will be used for the
>> backbone and both WiFi and 10/100 Ethernet for clients to connect to the
>> AP.  The idea is for drop-and-go network coverage in disaster areas or
>> other places where you want to get connectivity up in a hurry.  I have a
>> dev board and am finally able to get some parts to help me work on it
>> again.  Power supply, PCI to MiniPCI adapter, PoE hardware, 
>> enclosure.. and of course a WiMAX card.  I am also shopping for a 
>> WiFi card too, so
>> recommendations there would be welcome.  Though to be fair I haven't
>> been googling on that much yet, the WiMAX backhaul is my main concern at
>> the moment.  Doing the WiFi AP part should be relatively easy as it is a
>> mature technology w/r/t parts and drivers availability.  Any advice?  So
>> far it seems that Intel has the greatest presence in my googling for
>> WiMAX on Linux.
>> Thanks so much!
>> Tim LePes
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