[B.A.T.M.A.N.] Stable adapters for Ad Hoc networks

Breno Jacinto breno at freeunix.com.br
Mon Feb 9 18:31:23 UTC 2009

Hello Marek, Elektra,

    Thank you very much for the information.

    By the way, I think you guys are involved on that book project
about community wireless networks, hosted at WNDW.net. I'm from
Brazil, and I have noticed that the only translation available is to
the first edition, but the book seems to be on its thrid edition

    I'd be interested to cooperate on the translation of the book, as
I intend to use them on my classes and also I intend to start some
community network projects where I live. Do you know who should I
contact in order to help on the translation?


2009/2/8 elektra <onelektra at gmx.net>:
> Hi -
> some EEE PC models use a Atheros mPCI wireless card (the 701 for example) but
> my 901 was shipped with a Ralink rt2870 (802.11 abgn) that I replaced with an
> Atheros abg card ASAP...
> Actually I'm using Ahdemo mode in my EEE-PC which works nicely together with
> other devices with 'normal' IBSS-mode but fixed IBSS-ID - in our local mesh
> we use Madwifi with OpenWRT patches and Broadcom-based devices (WRT54G/GL/GS,
> Asus WL500GP) with OpenWRT Whiterussian and Broadcom proprietary driver with
> fixed IBSS-ID hack (Freifunk Firmware).
> Rate adaption with the Ministrel algorithm works well in Ahdemo mode - and you
> have the possibility to set up a AP VAP on the same interface, too.
> Performance is fine. That may be different if you run a Ahdemo-only network in
> range with other wireless networks - they won't detect collisions, hence
> performance can suffer.
> Cheers,
> elektra
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