[B.A.T.M.A.N.] policy-routing-script issues

Stephan Enderlein (Freifunk Dresden) freifunk at ddmesh.de
Fri Dec 19 10:08:16 UTC 2008


> Please give an example: which dns server is n/a from which provider?
> (i think it's an urban legend...)
I have seen this here in dresden with telekom and arcor dns servers. I used the dns server
from telekom that we got while connecting via DSL. This is not working if the router that offers
internet connection is connected to VDSL or Alice. I could use DNS server of acor for the
router that was connected to the VDSL.
But as you can not predict which gateway is used, you must habe a different solution.
I therefore use a script that always set the dns server to the router ip that currently is used
as gateway. The router ensures that dns is working.


Dipl.Informatiker(FH) Stephan Enderlein
Freifunk Dresden

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