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Aaron Kaplan aaron at lo-res.org
Fri Jul 27 16:03:49 UTC 2007

>> I just often have the feeling that you want to dissmiss olsrd becasue
>> batman *has* to be better, since it is already in the name. That
>> sucks a bit. Well, whatever...
> Aaron, please don't feel personally attacked by this. You know that  
> we started
> batman because we were not happy with many things in OLSR.
I don't feel personally attacked at all :)
I just again and again get the feeling from batman people that sort  
of "everything else sucks"
Like academia sucks, olsr sucks etc etc.
But that is a bit contra-productive. That is what I wanted to point out.

I also know that olsrd has its short comings (after all it was a  
diploma thesis)... but nevertheless,
you must admit: it did its job marvelously. Without it we could not  
have created our nice networks.

Of course, it it time to look into new directions (as well as enhance  
the existing code).

> The only reason for me to mention OLSR was that many people here  
> expect us to
> redo all the things OLSR does. And I just want to remind them that  
> batman is
> a different project.
nono... redo everything is like asking for a bit to much. Agreed. But  
step by step...

>> I think both approaches have something to it. OLSRd is well tested
>> (and has ugly code, yes) but batman really has to be still tested out
>> in the wild with many nodes. A routing protocol evolves with the load
>> that is applied to it.
>> That is the key issue in my opinion.
> I absolutely agree.
>> Anything new with the approaches to create an RFC for batman by  
>> the way?
> We are working on it.
> Regards,
> Marek
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