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Daniel Poelzleithner poelzi at poelzi.org
Wed Jul 25 15:19:30 UTC 2007

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Alexander Morlang wrote:

> Sorry, but this does not look like a decentral "all are equal" solution,
> more like a centralized service.

yes, some sort of. there is a master dns server that ensures uniquiness
of domains and at least knows how is responsible for the zones. nothing
forbids you to mirror the zones on all nodes, i just don't see any sense
in it. 4-5 slave servers should be enough even for a large city. every
zone admin can run his own masters if he wish to.
responses will be fast and redundant even if some of them die. and you
can use real dns software and can run really large zones with large
entries without wasting pressures router ram. reverse dns, dyndns, like
my notebooks is always aestas.poelzi.ff if its somewhere in freifunk...
very cool stuff. dns loc records, very nice. combined with reverse dns
allows very rfc conform routings visualisations... even can show nodes
that are offline....

> i think, something like the olsr-bmf would be more interesting, it gets
> metrics from the underlying meshrouting protocol but does its own
> message forwarding.

what does bmf have to do with dns. if you think about forwarding name
entries as broadcasts: this is just a wast of bandwidth. i don't even
start to think about renaming my node to www.google.de and see what
happens ;)

kindly regards
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