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Daniel Poelzleithner poelzi at poelzi.org
Tue Jul 24 18:35:21 UTC 2007

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Freifunk Dresden wrote:

> I'm currently checking how the HNA is working, but until now I can not
> see any HNA on a second node. Firewall is enabled completely for both
> nodes and each node sees the other nodes. I call batmand as follow:
> Node1: batmand -t 63 -a wlan0 bbs /t 2 bbc /t 2
> Node2: batmand -t 63 eth1 bbs /t 2 bbc /t 2

> But batmand -c -d 4 does not show any HNA messages and no HNA entry is
> stored in   routing table.

mmhh, the hna announcments are written into another routing table, have
you checked that ?

> If a node offers a ftp server (portforwarding) I like to offer this
> "service" via batmand like olsrd.
> A generic solution would be good to just allow to send user text
> messages with the OGM.

This is a bad idea in my opinion. A routing protocol has one purpose
which is routing, not flooding 99% useless information just because it

i think the right approch for service discovery is using something like
dns for example. dns is very small overheaded, allows great redundancy,
works on demand...

using TXT and SRV records, a good dns infrastructure and user frontend,
it should be easy to publish services.

here in leipzig we already layed the ground stones for a widespanning,
redundant dns network using anycast ips for redundancy.


kindly regards
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