[B.A.T.M.A.N.] originator timeout

Stefano Scipioni stefano at one-b.it
Sun Jul 8 12:03:38 UTC 2007

> according to the log file node2 behaves correct (despite the thing that node2
> generates a route to node6 within the first two seconds). At some point in
> time node2 purges node6 from its routing table because it could never
> validate the link between interface and as a bidirectional
> link. Can you generate another set of log files at node2 and node6
> simultaneously? So that we can identify whether node2 simply does not hear or
> node6 never re-broadcasts any originator messages (OGMs) send by node2.

They are in http://wifi.one-b.it/download/

> Hmm... actually another thing but:
> I see that on node2 the netmask and broadcast addresses for the two interfaces
> used by batman are different. I've never tried nor considered it that way -
> might work - but it is (imho) not the intended setup. With batman you
> can/should use the same netmask (and broadcast addresses) for all interfaces
> participating in the batman mesh. Otherwise you can get topology
> fractionation with which the protocol can not deal with automatically.
> Perhaps you can try to give ALL interfaces a netmask and a
> broadcast address?

I have disabled eth0.0 (batman only on interface wl0) on node2 and
same behavior: after a while route to node6 disappear.

I make another test with only 3 nodes: node2 with one interface (wl0),
node6 and node3

node2 ( ------ node6 (
           \--- node3 (

After 2 minutes with "batmand -g 0 -r 2 -d 1 wl0" on all 3 nodes:

node2    ( 67): ( 67)    ( 21): ( 21)

node6     ( 66): ( 66)      (120): (120)

node3     ( 20): ( 20)      (121): (121)

I suspect that batman does not hear some packets, maybe for wireless problems?

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