[B.A.T.M.A.N.] -p ... crashes

Marek Lindner lindner_marek at yahoo.de
Mon Jan 29 17:45:39 UTC 2007


> i've seen this behavior bevor, but couln't reproduce it until now:
> This happens reproduceble ~30-60sec. after start.
> Until this point routes are written.
> No output. No purging of written routes.

could you send a core dump and your binary ?

How to create a core dump:
Connect to your device (via ssh) and type:
ulimit -c 20000
Afterwards start batmand with a debug level > 0, e.g.:
batmand -d 3 -p <gateway> -r 2 eth1:bat br0:bat
Wait until it crashed and you will find a file named "core" in your current 
directory which represents the state of batman in the moment when it crashed.


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