I have 3 linksys wrt54 flashed with openwrt 7.09, webif'ed and installed BATMAN 0.2-rv478.1, all OK I think.

I have arranged the 3 nodes such that node 1 can only see 2 , and  2 only  3, so no direct contact is available from 1 to 3 (except via the mesh)

I have not broken the br-lan configuration of these devices and assigned to node 1 to node 2 to node 3, so I think that means all packets recvd on wl0 or eh0 are bridged.

I have a pc hooked into the lan port of node 3 From here I can ssh into node3 (via the ethernet) and into node2 via the wifi (but not .1)  Netstat -rn on node  3 indicates that (node1) is via and this is confirmed by the batman web if that shows .1 is reached via .2 - all great.

From the ssh prompt on .3 I can ping .2 with no loss and ping .1 with  ~ 6% loss. However, if I try to ping .1 from the pc connected on the ethernet port of .3 I get no route to host. Putting wireshark on the ethernet ifc shows the arp going out but nothing coming back. Interestingly enough if I ssh into .3 and ping .1, with wireshark running on the ethernet of .3 Is see the outgoing ICMP but not the reply (which is there because the ping succeeds) . It seems as if the local host traffic is not truly bridged.

This is the first attempt so I might have some incorrect/missing config or done something stupid, any ideas would be welcome!

Thanks very much


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