2009/9/17 Daniel Seither <post@tiwoc.de>
Gustavo Lindberg wrote:
> Then, At a meeting of 60 people there is the 99% probability  of the least
> two men have a  birthday the same day. So,, Similarly to the case of
> MAC-Adress is:
> P(r)=1-65536!/(65536^r * (65536-r)!)

Robin uses 3 bytes of the MAC address to choose the IP address of the
mesh interface, not only 2 bytes = 65536 possibilities. This leads to
2^24 = 16777216 different addresses.

All IP addresses are derived by device's MAC address, if MAC is aa:bb:cc:dd:ee:ff then ath0 IP (mesh iface) will be 5.dd:ee:ff while ath1 IP and ath2 IP will be 101.ee:ff:1 and 102.ee:ff:1 (obviously in decimal format).