Hi well that sounds great.
then we only need to research the additional IEEE and we need a hardware manufacturer, who is offering small FON like Routers, whith the batman protocol. So two users can connect to the internet over the air, while only one has DSL.
To make it safe, encryption is important.
Like this two one over power:
Isnt there a manufacturer, who can offer that with BATMAN inside?`
That would be perfect, that I buy these two USB sticks, one in the laptop on a router with DSL, and the other on any machine in the air and this one can surf as well. maybe it is as well a stratey, to use BATMAN first from point to point (encrypted), and then to add the modus, that ANY Stick can be joined for DSL in the neighbourhood.
For meshing there will be no hardware manufacturer, but for point to point like Devolo, this would be fine.
The Software should be build in the stick like in the huawei USB modem, which simulates a CD rom.
maybe we can start such a manufacturer contact??
Regards Max

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Hi -

you'd be surprised. I have built WiFi links up to 25 km (480 KByte/sec TCP throughput with 802.11b). Which is not rocket science and actually relatively short, compared to the WiFi world record of 380 km...

Even with the default antennas, a popular Wifi router has a range of approx 2 km at 1 Megabit, given a clear fresnel zone.

What you are referring to is the fact, that those WIMAX modems don't support multipoint-to-multipoint networking.  Actually there is an idea to have this mode in WIMAX (don't know the IEEE draft number, though), but it surely is not implemented...

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