BATMAN folks:
Sorry I joined this list a bit late.
I fully agree with ELEKTRA's email dated March 10, 2007 in his reply to Status of BATMAN in IETF.
I attached ELEKTRA's comments again below:
>>In my opinion the development cycle of many organizations
>>is slow because they are too bureaucratic and too occupied with
>>paperwork and their own hierarchical structure instead of developing
>>useful things. I like the informal character of our development. Our
>>research is a non-profit driven by fun and the will to empower people
>>around the world to improve their communication on a grass root level.
>>"On-line for all" is the agenda.
>>Of course hoity-toity people with ties, suits and long academic titles
>>tend to ignore a work of freaky people that don't bother about writing
>>texts in the style of codes of law. That's alright with me. In their
>>fancy-looking presentations about mesh-networks you see soldiers, tanks
>>and robots building a mesh on the battlefield or bugging devices for
>>their paranoid big-brother fantasies. I don't want to be supportive for
>>that kind of development. We can't avoid it because of the open nature
>>of open-source development. We are not doing things for our drawers or
>>to keep it as a secret.
>>Take the development of OLSR as an example. INRIA is still submitting
>>new drafts about ideas that we have found not feasible in real life in
>>the year 2004 when we did our first tests with 20 nodes on a conference
>>(Wizard of OS III) in Berlin