Hi Marek,
Thanks for the reply.
All the mesh nodes and test PC are in the same subnet,2,3, with the PC on attached to the ethernet on .3

I had thought that as they all on the same subnet and bridged that this would be sufficient just relying on standard arps across the entire network as there is no routing. On this basis I assumed there is no need to announce any networks/hosts. Is this a correct understanding?
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> Date: Wed, 5 Aug 2009 15:33:25 +0800
> Subject: Re: [B.A.T.M.A.N.] Routing help?
> Hi,
> >I have 3 linksys wrt54 flashed with openwrt 7.09, webif'ed and installed
> > BATMAN 0.2-rv478.1, all OK I think.
> not sure what web interface you installed but are you aware of the fact that
> revision 478 is more than 2 years old ? Your current problem seems unrelated
> to batman but if you experience trouble / bugs with batman it might be wise to
> upgrade to the latest stable release.
> >From the ssh prompt on .3 I can ping .2 with no loss and ping .1 with ~ 6%
> > loss. However, if I try to ping .1 from the pc connected on the ethernet
> > port of .3 I get no route to host. Putting wireshark on the ethernet ifc
> > shows the arp going out but nothing coming back. Interestingly enough if I
> > ssh into .3 and ping .1, with wireshark running on the ethernet of .3 Is
> > see the outgoing ICMP but not the reply (which is there because the ping
> > succeeds) . It seems as if the local host traffic is not truly bridged.
> You bridged the LAN & WLAN on every device but the devices are not bridged
> with each other, hence you mix bridges & routing.
> What IP address did you assign to your PC ? Does your PC have a route towards
> the .1 (probably not) ? You also have make sure that all nodes have a route
> towards your PC. You can achieve that using HNA. See:
> http://www.open-mesh.net/wiki/AnnouncingNetworks for a detailed explanation.
> Regards,
> Marek
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