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CB Funk is only up to 9000 baud, that is too slow.
The question is, if every laptop has a HDSPA WIMAX stick, if those can connect directly to each other, so, that they can exchange data,
the answer is now, as both need a SIM card, but then the question is, if any firmeware can be coded, that the Stick can send to each other, as they have the capability to send to 3-7 km or so.
Can two E220 connect to each other without a sim card with a new firmware?
I guess that is not possible, and that will limit BATMAN to wifi chips of a range of a few meters. not kilometers.
Given that, i see only one solution, to build Batman based on the Wimax/HDSPA and E220, which then will cause Data retention logging as there is an ISP, but you can solve this with encryption layer networks (http://www.i2p2.de/ / retroshare.sf.net etc). But that is nonsense as well, as you use batman, where no cable or central wimax station is given.
So batman will stay on wifi, if there is no hardware development on wimax, that these chips can mesh together over greater distance without any sim-card.

2008/6/7 elektra <onelektra@gmx.net>:
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I'd say if you run a data network you can run BATMAN on it. For packet radio you may want to choose a Originator interval in the range of 30 seconds or more, though.

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